Egyptian Health Ministry cautions against unapproved coronavirus treatment protocols

The Media Center of the Egyptian Cabinet on Friday denied having issued protocols for treating coronavirus that were attributed to the Ministry of Health and circulated on websites and social media pages.

In a fact-finding report, the media center said that it had contacted the Ministry of Health and Population, which stressed that these protocols are fake.

The Health Ministry is the only body entrusted with issuing medical protocols, it added.

The ministry cautioned citizens against following such protocols, saying that the people pushing them are simply trying to turn a profit, and that the treatments may be harmful.

The Ministry of Health and Population is also the only entity entrusted with the distribution of drugs for the treatment of coronavirus. Drugs are either provided to patients with coronavirus in hospitals, or by sending the necessary medication to patients quarantined at home, the center added.

The Ministry called on all media outlets and social media users to verify news through official authorities before circulating misleading information. It added that it can receive citizens’ inquiries about the novel coronavirus on hotlines “105” and “15335”.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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