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Egyptian graphic designer jailed over plagiarizing Russian painter

The Economic Court on Tuesday sentenced graphic designer Ghada Wali with six months in prison, a fine of LE 10,000, and temporary compensation of LE100,000 on charges of violating intellectual property rights and plagiarizing paintings by Russian artist Georgy Kurasov.

The Public Prosecution also ordered that Wali, 34 years old, be placed on the travel ban list during investigations into the case.

She has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Wali is an international graphic designer who was chosen among the best graphic designers in the world in 2017.

She had worked on decorating the stations of the third line of the subway with drawings based on Egyptian civilization, according to previous television statements.

However, in 2022 Wali was accused of plagiarizing the designs for her paintings used in the Girls’ College metro station in Cairo, leading to outrage across social media.

Kurasov initially aimed to raise the issue to obtain an official apology from Wali, but once things grew more complicated he requested financial compensation, according to his attorney.

The painter wrote on his official Facebook page: “My paintings were used in the Cairo subway without my permission and even mentioning my name!”

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