Egyptian-German archaeological expedition uncover cemetery in Saqqara


An Egyptian-German archaeological expedition has unearthed embalming equipment and a cemetery featuring a large number of funerary furniture and mummies within the Saqqara necropolis, not far from the Pyramid Complex of Unas.

The Ministry of Antiquities stated that it will reveal further details on the discovery in a press conference on Saturday, July 14.

Speaking to Ahram Online, the Ministry of Antiquities stated that the discovery included a communal burial shaft with numerous mummies buried in both wooden coffins and large sarcophagi, while amulets and precious metals were also uncovered.

Saqqara is the only location in Egypt that includes tombs dating back to the beginning of Egyptian history until the end of the Pharaonic era.

It also includes many artifacts from the Greco-Roman era, making the Saqqara cemetery one of the most important archaeological sites in Egypt.




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