Egyptian Films at Tarifa Festival receive high audience acclaim

Egyptian films screened at the African Film Festival in Tarifa, southern Spain had a high public turnout.

“Microphone”, directed by Ahmed Abdullah, was so popular that the hall had to be closed before screening began due to the high turnout. The festival’s management decided to re-screen the film on Friday, one day before the festival closes.

Ibrahim Batout’s “The Magician”, which was shown as part of the African Dream Competition, was also a hit with the public.

Abdullah related the high turnout for Egyptian films to the success of the revolution, and to the festival’s celebration of both the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions by screening six Egyptian and ten Tunisian films.

He added that the Spanish public was interested in learning about the type of films that preceded the Egyptian revolution and how they dealt with the situation in the country at the time.

Selection criteria for Egyptian films included the relation between the film and the revolution or the rebellion of Egyptians against injustice, as well as films discussing social conditions that led to the revolution, explained Abdullah.

Mai Iskander’s “Garbage Dreams” competed for best documentary with nine other films from Niger, Benin, Morocco, South Africa, Cameroon and Tunisia.

Egyptian Film critic Ali Abu Shady said he was impressed with “Garbage Dreams” and that he would send a copy to the Minister of Social Solidarity as the film deals with recycling

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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