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Egyptian expats in the US to support home economy with US$2 billion

The Egyptian community in the United States of America launched the “Be Positive, Egyptian” initiative to support the Egyptian economy, by transferring US$200 from every Egyptian abroad to the Central Bank of Egypt.

One of the founders of the initiative and vice president of the General Union of Egyptians Abroad in America, Essam Eddin Bassiouni, said that the initiative aims to support the Egyptian people.

“We seek to feed the Central Bank with two billion dollars,” he pledged.

He stressed that the initiative targets all Egyptians, whether they agree with the government’s performance in managing the economic crisis or those who have reservations about it, because its main goal is to support Egypt and its people.

The initiative was welcomed by the Egyptian communities abroad.

Egyptian expat Safwat Youssef called for a donation campaign to be carried out by the General Union of Egyptians Abroad, through its branches in many countries, in its capacity as an official entity, and to be donated officially and publicly in order to set an example for other entities.

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