Egyptian ex-ministers, experts: Tuition-free education ‘unjust’

Former ministers and education experts said that education in Egypt lacks justice between poorer classes and the wealthy, or between males and females, stressing necessity to reconsider tuition-free education and making the rich afford their education.
During a conference entitled “Justice and Equity in University Education,” organized by Population Council, former Education Minister Ahmed Gamal Eddin said that tuition-free education is a kind of injustice between the poor and rich classes, proposing that those unable to afford their education obtain education without fees, while the able ones afford their education.
Moussa added that education system will continue to deteriorate so long as we do not amend the tuition-free system. Regarding vocational education, Moussa said it “faces real problem” as it became no more than a certificate for unqualified males or girls to obtain before marriage.
Moussa also indicated to illiteracy in Egypt reaching 27 percent, third of it is among females and 10  percent are dropouts, most of whom are females.
Former Higher Education Minister Moataz Khorshed highlighted what he called the injustice in university education referring to sections of languages as well as the different educational service offered to colleges with high number of students.
Education expert Hossam Badrawy, said a decision maker should be courageous to take several decision to achieve justice in higher education.
“No reform without system to finance the students rather than the current tuition-free system. Despite the high costs, student get only hundreds of pounds,” he said.
Meanwhile, former Telecommunications Minister Maged Othman said that policies on admission to universities as well as the current education system shows that the society is still far away from offering equal opportunities for the poor and rich as well.
Nagwa Megahed, AUC educational policies professor, said Egypt faces injustice about admission of females in universities, compared to males. She highlighted necessity to change the syllabuses to electronic ones.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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