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Egyptian doctor wins chairmanship in UN major group for children, youth

The Ministry of Youth and Sports announced through Nasser Fellowship for International Leadership Program the winning of Egyptian otolaryngologist Dr. Sameh Kamel in the elections of chairing the UN Major Group for Children and Youth (MGCY).


The Major Group for Children and Youth is the UN General Assembly-mandated and self-organised mechanism for young people to meaningfully engage in certain UN processes.


It acts as a bridge between young people and the UN system in order to ensure that their right to meaningful participation is realized. It does so by engaging formal and informal communities of young people, in the design, implementation, monitoring, follow-up, and review of sustainable development policies at all levels.

It has a long history, it was created through Agenda 21 in 1992. Additionally, it receives and strengthens its mandates through several GA resolutions, bilateral agreements and/or terms of reference with specific UN entities.


It works on a range of issues at the global, regional national, and grassroots levels across the pillars and areas of work of the of the UN- human rights, sustainable development, and peace and security, resilience and humanitarian action and organs of the UN- general assembly (GA), economic and social council (ECOSOC), security council, and secretariat. Its areas of work include the following: facilitating the collective participation of young people in official, formal and informal avenues of policy design, implementation, monitoring, follow-up, and review at all levels; facilitating activities for young people to enhance their understanding, knowledge, and skills in relation to sustainable development, meaningful engagement, and the UN system; providing young people a platform for dialogue to create an evidence base for best practices through the assessment of existing knowledge, generating new knowledge, identification of emerging issues, and effective use and dissemination; and providing young people with a platform that encourages them to lead, join, showcase, and share innovative and effective actions addressing the needs of people and the planet.

The MGCY seeks to build a world on the collective principles of solidarity, justice, diversity, equity, universality, inclusion, human rights, and the integrity of the planet. It strives for a resilient world where young people and all rights holders in all their diversity are equals in decision making.


Kamel is a member of Nasser Fellowship for International Leadership Program.


The Nasser Leadership Fellowship was launched in June 2019, targeting young African executive leaders from different professional disciplines within their own communities, with the objective of acquainting them with Egypt’s development in various sectors.


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