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Egyptian destination is among the top tourists want to visit in MENA, report


Egypt has been ranked second amongst the tourist destinations in the Middle East and North Africa that tourists around the world visit for the purpose of entertainment, Arabian Business reported citing Skyscanner, one of the world’s most famous travel websites.

This came in a report for Arabian Business news portal entitled “UAE, Egypt, and Jordan top list of popular MENA destinations for global leisure travellers.”

The report added that searches on Skyscanner website showed that the UAE, Egypt and Jordan are among the most popular tourist destinations in the Middle East and North Africa for leisure travelers.

The CEO of Skyscanner John Mangelars said that Egypt is witnessing popularity among European travellers from the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, with demand ranging from 80-83 percent above 2019 levels year to date from these markets.

In addition, domestic travel within Egypt (based on redirected tourism) has increased by 93 percent YTD compared to 2019 levels.

In a related context, and under the title “Destination Egypt! 10 Unique Places You Must Visit” The Travel website highlighted ten distinct tourist places in Egypt.

The report said that Egypt is one of the most visited. It is a country with so much history, and much still being discovered!

As a result, the country remains an excellent place to plan for and visit to see and enjoy great things.

The report highlighted Cairo, the capital city of Egypt.

The high chances are that anyone arriving in Egypt will start by arriving with an international flight into the city of Cairo.

The city of Cairo has many things that will make a guest want to spend at least 3 days before exploring other things.

It is a city home to unique Egyptian Museums that are a must-visit.

The report noted to the Pyramids of Giza as arguably the most well-known destination in Egypt. The Pyramids of Giza from the last of the Ancient’ World Seven Wonders.

It is a landmark that is recognizable in Egypt.

It said that there is so much to discover in this destination, such as the tombs of the popular Egyptian leaders such as Pharaohs Cheops, Mycerinus, Chephren, And the enigma Sphinx.

The report mentioned Citadel of Saladin in the central region of Cairo. It is a UNESCO world heritage site built by the famous Ayyubid ruler Saladin.

The goal was to protect Cairo and Fustat against Crusaders. It is a fortification with several watchtowers lined around it and has several stunning mosques.

It also listed the Rock Temples of Abu Simbel are found on the Western banks of Lake Nasser.

The twin temples of Ramesses II plus the queen Nefertari got carved to take mountain shape and are popular attractions in Egypt.

The rocks are attractive and were designed to show the king’s power overlooking the Egyptian Mountains.

The list also includes the White Desert National Park is a few miles outside of the city of Cairo.

It is referred to as the white desert due to its Giant White rocks formed into the desert, giving it a fantastic landscape scene.

The formation was a result of erosion and powdery mounds with the looks of turkeys, eagles, mushrooms, and camels. In the White Desert National Park, visitors can engage in many activities that make the whole experience magical such as hiking and camping at night.

The report listed also Alexandria as a port and historic city that is the second largest.

It is along the Mediterranean and forms a cosmopolitan. The city is unique as it offers grand squares and Epoque buildings, making it a charming, old-fashioned city.

The report said that one can enjoy the diver’s paradise on the Red Sea Coast.

It is a highlight for many visitors in Egypt. One will also get a chance to enjoy excellent resorts such as the Sharm el Sheik, hotels, nightclubs, casinos, and bask in the sun and sand. It is a popular destination for holidays.

It added that the Red Sea Coast is also home to vast amounts of corals and exotic fish. It is regarded as the best diving and snorkeling destination.

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