Egyptian consulate committee to visit pilgrims in Jeddah Airport

The Egyptian consulate in Saudi Arabia on Monday sent a diplomatic delegation to resolve pilgrims' problems in Jeddah Airport, Egypt's state-run news agency MENA said.

A committee that includes two consuls and an administrative team is currently at the airport, according to MENA, to follow up on the condition of pilgrims stranded in the airport.

Tens of thousands of other nationals are also stranded there because of the delays.

A diplomatic source said on Monday that the committee is communicating with Jeddah Airport authorities and Saudi Airlines officials, as well as the Saudi Foreign Ministry.

Huge numbers of passengers at the end of Ramadan, as well as the large amounts of luggage carried by passengers, typically cause such problems during Umra season, the source said.

On Sunday Egyptian Umra pilgrims protested at Cairo International Airport about their alleged mistreatment by Saudi Airlines staff at the airport.

The protesters, who also complained about chaotic flights, smashed the glass window of the airline's office at the airport.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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