Egyptian Communist Party: SCAF methods threaten revolution

The Egyptian Communist Party called on the ruling military council to stop what it called smear campaigns against opposition movements.

In a statement Tuesday, the party said the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) “uses the same methods of the former regime to incite against political opposition movements and leveling serious accusations without evidence.”
On Saturday, the chief of the armed forces' central command, Hassan al-Ruweiny, accused the April 6 Youth Movement and a number of presidential hopefuls of receiving foreign donations and trying to destabilize the country.
Political parties and groups say SCAF issued many laws during the interim period and didn’t consider people's reservations about them – mainly, the laws on political rights and parliamentary elections.
Rights groups have accused military police of involvement in the recent clashes in Abbasseya, as it refused to end the clashes.

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