Egyptian churches celebrate Holy Week amid high security

Orthodox churches in Egypt are preparing to hold Holy Week prayers amid heavy security imposed by Coptic scouting groups and police, who are collaborating to preempt sectarian violence.

Joseph Malak, member of a committee to defend the Church, called on the Armed Forces to secure all churches during the Holy Week and Easter.

Holy Week begins from Palm Sunday until Holy Saturday, the day before Easter. Orthodox churches have raised black flags in commemoration of Jesus Christ being tortured by the Romans.

Coptic Pope Shenouda III said he will not offer the Holy Week prayers in Alexandria, but at the papal residence at the Abbasiya Catherdal, because of his health.

Nader Morqos, an adviser to the pope, said it hadn't been decided if Alexandria Governor Essam Salem and other popular leaders will be invited to celebrate with Copts as usual.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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