Egyptian captain killed by Tunisian troops while sailing illegally

Tunisian armed forces confronted on Saturday three Egyptian boats while sailing illegally in the regional waters near Zarzis coasts causing death of one of the captains, the official news agency said on Sunday.
The Tunisian Defense Ministry Spokesperson Brigadier Tawfiq al-Rahmany said the missile cruiser (Galite) of the border troops seized around 8:30pm on Saturday three boats sailing illegally in Tunisian waters and tried to stop and divert their direction toward Zarzis port, but they began to perform dangerous maneuvers.
Rahmany added that the missile cruiser tried to stop the boats through firing warning shots in the air, then toward the boats, when two of them ran away, while the third stopped.
Due to the unstable condition of sea and the dangerous maneuvers, captain of the third boat was shot. He was transferred to Zarzis port, where he died, the spokesperson added.
A second combat ship moved from Zarzis port to support the missile cruiser, he added.

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