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Egyptian authorities launch campaigns targeting stray dogs

By Maria Kostenko, Andrew Carey, Frederik Pleitgen, Tamar Michaelis, Samantha Waldenberg and Daria Tarasova-Markina, CNN

Veterinary medicine directorates across Egypt have intensified awareness campaigns and introduced the locations of the veterinary units deployed to provide the necessary facilities for licensing dogs owned by citizens, and for them to obtain the prescribed vaccinations.

This move comes to reduce the dangers of stray dogs and other dangerous animals, and better educate citizens on how to deal with them.

The head of the General Organization for Veterinary Services, Ehab Saber, said that the Minister of Agriculture is planning to continue coordination with various government technical authorities to protect citizens from any risks.

He pointed to coordination with civil society organizations and parties concerned with animal welfare to implement international standards to reduce the dangers of stray dogs.

Saber added that this policy comes in an effort to protect the public health and environment from any common diseases resulting from the failure to control stray dog populations.

He praised the recommendations of the Local Administration Committee at the House of Representatives on preparing a report on the necessary measures to reduce the dangers of stray animals, in cooperation with various concerned parties, to measure indicators of the legislative impact of the law regulating the possession of dangerous animals.

Coordination is being made with various agencies in the relevant ministries to confront the spread of stray dogs in various areas of crowded human settlements, he added.

Proactive campaigns are being implemented in various areas to confront the spread of stray dogs, he said, and to educate citizens on the dangers stray dogs can bring, such as the transmission of diseases.

Saber explained that some stray dogs in the al-Amiriya and al-Zaytoun neighborhoods in Cairo have been vaccinated against rabies, and vaccination campaigns are being continued in these areas.

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