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Egyptian authorities investigate deadly shooting of Israeli businessman in Alexandria

The Egyptian Ministry of Interior issued a statement on Wednesday confirming the killing of an Israeli-Canadian businessman in the city of Alexandria.

According to the statement, “On May 7, 2024, a Canadian businessman residing permanently in the country was subjected to a criminal shooting incident in Alexandria.”

The ministry further stated that legal procedures have been initiated and an investigative team has been formed to uncover the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The statement did not provide any further details regarding the identity of the victim, the motive behind the attack, or any potential suspects.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz has identified the victim of the shooting incident in Alexandria as an Israeli businessman involved in the export of fruits and vegetables.

According to Haaretz, the businessman, who entered Egypt using a Canadian passport, had been residing and working in the country for over nine years.

His company’s headquarters were located in Alexandria.

Haaretz’s report provides additional details about the victim’s identity and background.

The Israeli newspaper’s findings align with the Egyptian Ministry of Interior’s statement on the X platform (formerly known as Twitter), which confirmed the nationality of the victim.

The incident has sent shock-waves through the local community, prompting calls for a thorough investigation and swift action to bring the perpetrators to justice.

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