Egyptian armed forces most powerful in Arab world: Global Firepower

The Global Firepower website, which specializes in military affairs, published the annual ranking of the most powerful armies globally for the year 2023, with Egypt leading the ranking of the most powerful Arab armies.

The new ranking, which measures the military strength of 145 armies in 2023, had Egypt ranked 14th globally, and first in the Arab world, followed by Saudi Arabia in the 22nd place globally and second in the Arab world.

Other rankings:

  • Algeria ranked 26th globally and third in the Arab world.
  • Iraq ranked 45th globally and fourth in the Arab world, and the UAE ranked 56th globally and fifth in the Arab world, followed by Morocco which ranked 61st globally and sixth in the Arab world.
  • Syria ranked 64th globally and seventh in the Arab world, Tunisia ranked 73rd globally and eighth in the Arab world, and Yemen ranked 74th globally and ninth in the Arab world.
  • Sudan ranked 75th globally and tenth in the Arab world, the Sultanate of Oman ranked 76th globally and 11th in the Arab world, and then Kuwait ranked 78th globally and 12th in the Arab world.
  • Bahrain ranked 79th globally and 13th in the Arab world, Libya ranked 80th globally and 14th in the Arab world, Jordan 81st globally and 15th in the Arab world, and finally Lebanon ranked 111th globally and 16th in the Arab world.

Global Firepower’s ranking relies on factors including the current state of military, financial, logistical and geographical capabilities, in the annual ranking of military forces globally and regionally, and takes into account the size of countries and its technological progress.

Worldwide, the US army ranked first, followed by the Russian and Chinese armies. 

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