Egyptian and French air forces conduct joint air training

Egyptian and French air forces carried out joint air training, featuring the participation of several Egyptian multi-tasking planes including the Dassault Mirage 2000, Rafale, and F-16.

The drill session involved the Egyptian and French sides carrying out a refueling exercise in the air, with the involvement of the French MRTT aircraft.

This exercise is part of a joint cooperation framework between the Egyptian and French armed forces which aims to grow acquainted with the latest systems and combat methods, thereby refining the combat and operational skills of the participating forces.

Egyptian and French air forces earlier this year in July carried out a joint air drill at an Egyptian air base, as part of the latest step in the General Command of the Armed Forces plan to exchange experience with friendly countries.

The exercise covered attacking and defending vital targets, and air clashes between the two sides and using the latest models of multi-tasking fighters for both sides.

The training aimed to exchange tactical experiences in planning and in styles of command and control.

These exercises come in light of the growing partnership and military cooperation between the Egyptian and French armed forces.

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