Egyptian ambassador to US: Arabs face new phase of challenges

Arab countries are witnessing a new phase of challenges but Egypt will remain stable, said Sameh Shokri, Egyptian Ambassador to the US.

In a meeting with Egyptian students in the US on Saturday, Shokri added, “Egypt will always be at the service of Egyptians and Arabs.”

Shokri said that Egyptian national security is related to citizens’ security, and is the responsibility of the state.

All Middle Eastern governments know they face a major challenge, Minister of Trade and Industry Rachid Mohamed Rachid said last week on Egyptian television, in reference to economic crises and high prices in many countries in the Arab world.

Protests over high prices in Tunisia recently led to the ousting of President Zine al-Abedine Ben Ali, who ruled the country for 23 years.

Jordan, Libya and Morocco have seen similar protests against high prices, particularly food prices.

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