Egyptian actress Amina Khalil throws beach engagement party on Egypt’s North Coast

Photos of Egyptian actress Amina Khalil and her fiancé Amr Taha celebrating their recent engagement in a resort on Egypt’s North Coast went viral on Sunday on social media platforms.

Khalil appears radiant in the photos with a simple hairstyle and an off-white dress.

Khalil on Wednesday celebrated her engagement to Egyptian businessman Amr Taha, who recently returned from the US after completing his engineering studies.

The ceremony was attended only by Khalil and Taha’s families, due to the Egyptian Ministry of Health’s guidelines to limit the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

Khalil and Taha decided to set the date for their wedding in January after they finish setting up their marital home.

Khalil is an accomplished actor, with her most recent work, the social drama series “Leh Laa” (Why not?), airing on June 6 on the Shahid VOD platform.

Khalil also takes part in a new film “Saheb al-Maqam” (The Tomb’s Owner), which will initially be released exclusively on the application Shahid on July 30, before being screened in cinemas.

The movie also stars Yousra, Asser Yassin, and Bayoumi Fouad. It is based on a novel written by Ibrahim Issa, and directed by Mohamed Gamal al-Adl.

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