Egyptian actor Amr Waked says he faces eight years in prison

Egyptian actor Amr Waked claimed on his Twitter account that he may face up to eight years of prison if he ever returned to Egypt, for charges of “spreading false news and insulting state institutions”. 

“I’ve been informed that I am sentenced to a total of eight years in absentia upon two cases; one for spreading false news and the other for insulting state institutions,” the international Egyptian actor wrote on his Twitter account.

“I am abroad, they told that if I ever return to Egypt I will face unpleasant consequences putting into consideration that everything is ready for ratification by a pen, and I honestly believe them.”

Waked said that his request to get a copy for the two files that have been issued against him in May 2018 was refused.

In light of the limited revealed details about the verdict, Waked added that he was informed about the case by a lawyer who is considered an informal source, avowing that he has no idea about who reported the file, ABC News reported.

He denounced facing the military charges as a civilian, pinpointing his dedicated service in the military.

A participant in the 2011 revolution, Waked is known for openly criticizing the government, never shying from revealing his opposition to various decisions in addition to his constant call for the release of political prisoners.

On his Twitter account, Waked voiced criticism over the recent execution of 15 Egyptians and stating his disagreement with the death penalty in general.

“I am against the death penalty for both the guilty and innocent. Killing is a big mistake for all. The purpose of any punishment is rehabilitation. How could killing and bloodshed count as rehabilitation? Enough with blood.”

It was this tweet which drove Egyptian lawyer Ayman Mahfuz to file a complaint to the general prosecutor, accusing Waked of insulting the judiciary as well as supporting terrorists.

Mahfouz’s accusations to Waked also included violating Islamic law by opposing the death penalty.

In 2017, Egyptian lawyer Samir Sabry sued Waked in military court for voicing his opposition to the parliament’s approval over the deal between Egypt and Saudi Arabia regarding the Tiran and Sanafir Islands.   

Winning the Best Actor award at the Dubai Film Festival, Waked is known for noticeable international exposure including starring alongside renowned US actor George Clooney in “Syriana” (2005), Scarlett Johansson in “Lucy” (2014), and in the science-fiction disaster film “Geostorm” (2017).

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