EgyptAir to increase international flights during summer 2020

EgyptAir Airlines announced it would increase the number of its flights to destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and the Middle East during the summer 2020 season, as part of the company’s efforts to provide better services to its customers.

EgyptAir President Ashraf al-Khouly said that the company’s flights to Washington are scheduled to increase from three to four flights per week, and those to Toronto from six to seven flights per week.

In Europe, EgyptAir plans to increase flights to Istanbul from 14 flights per week to 21 flights, in Vienna from six to seven flights per week, Berlin from five to six flights, and Moscow from three to four flights per week.

In Africa, flights to Khartoum are planned to increase from 17 to 20 flights per week, to Juba from two to three flights and to Lagos from five to 11 flights per week.

In the Middle East, Kuwait flights will be increased from 28 to 42 flights per week and Dubai from 25 to 28 flights. On the Asian continent, Mumbai flights will increase from four to five flights per week and Tokyo from two to three flights per week.

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