Egypt worst Arab state on rule-of-law index

Egypt has ranked last of all the Arab states on the International Justice Project (IJP)’s latest rule-of-law index. Qatar ranked first on the index, followed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

According to the IJC’s newly-released 2010 report, Egypt received only 0.31 points in terms of government accountability, compared to 0.49 points for Qatar and 0.57 points for the UAE. On the “absence of corruption” scale, meanwhile, Egypt scored only 0.48 points, compared to 0.81 points for Qatar and 0.80 points for the UAE.

In terms of security and stability, Egypt received 0.32 points, while Qatar scored 0.83 points and the UAE 0.66 points.

The report also ranked Egypt worst among Arab states in terms of government transparency, legal competence, official corruption, international law and freedom of expression.

The IJP conference, held in Morocco on Monday, also discussed rule-of-law lapses in the wider Middle East, which participants attributed to colonialism and the longstanding Arab-Israeli conflict.

According to IJP CEO William Neukom, the project does not intend to single out particular states for criticism, but rather aims to achieve global justice and rule of law.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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