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Egypt will do more than withdrawing the ambassador in case of threatening its national security: Chairman of State Information Service

Dia Rashwan, Chairman of State Information Service (SIS), confirmed that the continued provocation of Egypt by members of the right-wing Israeli government in their statements comes within the attempts of escape that has not stopped since last October 7 and the major operation carried out by the Palestinian resistance inside Israel.

Rashwan said, during a televised phone call to the Kalema Akhera (a last word) program on ON TV,  on Monday, that Egypt plays indispensable roles in the Palestinian issue and has the means to defend itself.

Rashwan stressed that Egypt will do more than withdrawing the ambassador in case of threatening its national security or liquidating the Palestinian cause. He noted that Israel is trying to escape forward through accusations against Egypt, not to mention what it assumed in the International Court of Justice that Egypt is the one who closes Rafah crossing.

Rashwan pointed out that the weapons issue mentioned by Israeli Finance Minister was part of his attempts to justify Israel’s occupation of the Philadelphia crossing. He added: “These attempts continues, as, I think that the occupying state is experiencing a state of severe turmoil and confusion. Israel is now experiencing existential blows. The first blow was the one it was exposed to fifty years ago, and it proved the failure of all military, security and intelligence agencies and institutions. This failure was also reflected during the 129 days of the invasion in the Gaza Strip despite all the military capabilities and equipment it possesses and the support it received”.

He explained that, “Israel was unable, with its army and reserve; that it summoned, its weapons; at least ten thousand shells, and billions, to confront a few thousand resistance fighters in Gaza. In addition to that, Israel is trying by all means, with the help of the United States, including indirect contact with Iran, to prevent the opening of the northern front with Hezbollah.

SIS chairman added that, “Israel, which was founded on the complex of persecution, and the Jews who were subjected to extermination during World War II, which was the reason for the West’s unlimited sympathy and support for them in establishing the State of Israel, are now, for the first time, accused, before the International Court of Justice, of being the ones carrying out genocide against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

Rashwan stressed that the Egyptian state would not be satisfied with symbolic measures if it came to threatening its national security and territory or liquidating the Palestinian cause. The matter would not be limited to withdrawing or expelling an ambassador.

SIS chairman added that “the Egyptian state’s leadership and people will not allow this, and we remind Israel that there is no one in Egypt who disagrees with its position towards the Israeli aggression. Therefore, we have a very large package of movements and measures, and as a previous stated; Egypt has the means that enable it to defend its national security and its lands”. He also expressed his astonishment at what Israel and some of its ministers are doing by intimidating, warning or provoking the largest Arab country in the Middle East and the most capable of confronting any threat.

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