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Egypt welcomes recognition of Palestine by Norway, Ireland, and Spain

Egypt has expressed its appreciation for the decision of Norway, Ireland, and Spain to officially recognize the State of Palestine.

This will serve as a valuable step towards international efforts towards creating a political horizon eventually leading to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Egypt called on countries that have not yet taken this step to move towards recognizing the State of Palestine, upholding the values of justice and fairness and supporting the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people who have suffered under Israeli occupation for more than seven decades.

It also renewed its call on the Security Council and influential international parties to urgently intervene in order to aid the Palestinian people and deal with the dangerous humanitarian crisis the Gaza Strip is currently facing, especially in the Palestinian city of Rafah.

Spain, Ireland, and Norway announced on Wednesday, their official recognition of the State of Palestine.

The three nations follow after several European Union countries, including Bulgaria, Poland, Czechia, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, South Cyprus and Sweden, that have formerly recognized Palestine.

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