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Egypt warns Tel Aviv against dire consequences of any Israeli military action in Rafah

Egypt has warned Israel of the dire repercussions of any military assault on Rafah, and demanded an end to its collective punishment, siege, starvation, indiscriminate targeting of civilians, and the destruction of infrastructure in Palestine.

Rafah represents the “last safe haven inside the Strip,” it noted.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry said in a Sunday statement that Egypt harshly condemns: “The Israeli forces’ continued attacks against defenseless Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip, which claimed the lives of more than 60 martyrs during the past 24 hours, in addition to the hundreds of martyrs who fell while waiting for humanitarian aid in a Kuwait Roundabout and before it the Nabulsi Roundabout.”

The statement said that Israel continuing on with the Rafah offensive, despite the warnings and international rejection, showcases its indifference to the lives of innocent civilians and gravely violates international law.

Egypt also called on Israel to comply with its responsibilities as the occupying authority, refrain from targeting civilians, and provide urgent aid to the residents of Gaza Strip.

It further renewed its call to influential international parties and the Security Council to assume their legal and humanitarian responsibility by demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, preventing the displacement scenario by all means, and urgently bringing humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

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