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Egypt vs New Zealand face off on March 22 at the New Administrative Capital tournament

Egypt’s national team, led by coach Hossam Hassan, is set to face off with New Zealand on Friday, March 22, as part of the four-way friendly Capital Cup championship held in Cairo running from March 22-26 – featuring the participation of Tunisia and Croatia’s teams.

Coach Hassan, having assumed his responsibilities recently, sets to put his players to the test and hopes for a promising and strong start following the criticisms he has received since announcing his assumption of responsibility for coaching the national team.

The Egyptian national team’s match against New Zealand national team will be held at the opening of the friendly Egypt Capital Cup tournament, on Friday, March 22, at Cairo International Stadium.

The referee’s whistle is scheduled to sound at 10:00 pm Cairo time, 11:00 pm in the evening Mecca time, and midnight UAE time.

The match between the Egyptian national team and the New Zealand national team will be broadcast on the On Time Sports channel.

The Capital Cup championship is a tournament announced by the United Media Services Company, where teams from Egypt, Tunisia, New Zealand and Croatia participate in the Administrative Capital Cup Championship.

The tournament will start on Friday between Egypt and New Zealand, with the other match between Tunisia and Croatia.

The third-place team will be determined on Monday, with the final match on Tuesday.

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