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Egypt, UN cooperate in green and smart projects initiative

The coordinator of the National Initiative for Green and Smart Projects in Egypt Hesham Badr met with the UN Women’s Representative in Egypt, Christine Arab, to discuss the executive position of ongoing cooperation between the initiative and the agency and other aspects of cooperation to be launched.

This comes to follow up on the outcomes of the conference held by the initiative late last month to launch a partnership for cooperation with the United Nations in Egypt and its affiliated organizations.

According to a statement by the Ministry of Planning on Saturday, Badr said that the second phase of the initiative aims to encourage more groups to come up with innovative environmental solutions, and that there is special interest in encouraging more women to participate in climate action.

The initiative allocated a category for projects related to women, he explained, with the aim to empower women and advance Egypt’s green economy.

Badr explained the role played by the initiative is to help achieve more harmony and concerted efforts between the various parties concerned with the empowerment of women.

This is done through the cooperation of the initiative with the UN Women and the presence of the National Council for Women as one of the members of the organizing committee for the initiative, he said.

He also praised the technical support provided by the UN Women in Egypt to the winning projects in the women’s category in the first phase, and discussed expanding the scope of this support to include qualified projects in the same category.

The talks also dealt with ways of support that the UN in Egypt can provide to the winning projects in the second phase, whether by providing technical support or presenting projects in various forums to facilitate partnership for them.

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