Egypt to host conference for Sudan’s civilian political forces in June

CAIRO, May 28 (MENA) – The Foreign Ministry announced that Egypt will host at the end of June a conference bringing together all Sudanese civilian political forces, in the presence of relevant regional and international partners.

In a press statement released on Tuesday, the ministry said the conference is aimed at reaching consensus among various Sudanese civilian political forces on ways to build comprehensive and lasting peace through a Sudanese-Sudanese national dialogue that respects the principles of Sudan’s sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity, as well as non-interference in its internal affairs.

The statement noted that the conference comes in light of Egypt’s keenness to stop the ongoing war in Sudan and address its dangerous repercussions on the Sudanese people and on the security and stability of the region, especially the neighboring countries.

The statement concluded that Egypt looks forward to effective participation of all Sudanese civilian political forces and relevant regional and international partners in the conference. (MENA)

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