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Egypt to block unlicensed digital and satellite platforms within three months

In a move to regulate the media landscape and promote ethical content, the Supreme Council for Media Regulation (SCMR) has issued a decision to block all unlicensed digital and satellite platforms within three months if they fail to regularize their status and obtain the necessary licenses.

During a phone interview on the “In the Evening with Qusai” program aired on CBC channel, SCMR Chairman Karam Gabr revealed that the SCMR had detected content that does not align with the religious values of Egyptian and Arab society, necessitating the protection of national identity.

The decision aims to create a conducive environment for attracting more investments in the field of e-commerce, as the global value of e-commerce reaches $6 trillion, while Egypt captures only 100 billion Egyptian pounds of this amount, indicating the potential to enhance its competitive capabilities, according to Gabr.

He further noted that upon monitoring these platforms, the SCMR found that they focus on four main themes: homosexuality, extremism, violence, and atheism. Gabr highlighted that one of these channels produces content worth $33 million annually, with half of this production promoting homosexuality and receiving political support.

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