Egypt supports Palestine UN recognition

Egypt supports the Palestinian decision to seek full membership of the United Nations (UN), said Foreign Minister Mohamed al-Orabi.

In statements on Thursday, Orabi said Egypt will continue its efforts to bolster the Palestinian position after the failure of the Quartet (the US, UN, Russia and the European Union) to even set an agenda for negotiations between the Palestinian and Israel sides.

Orabi added that Egypt does not see seeking UN recognition as an alternative to negotiations.

Orabi also said that Arab countries will exert diplomatic efforts over the coming weeks to help achieve UN recognition of the Palestinian state and added that Egypt will use all its capacities to support these efforts.

Minha Bakhoum, spokeswoman for Egypt's foreign ministry, said Orabi told his counterparts in an Arab Peace Initiative follow-up committee meeting in Doha that he signed, as foreign minister of Egypt and chair of the Non-Aligned Movement, letters to more than 70 countries to urge the recognition of the Palestinian state before the upcoming UN General Assembly meeting. He called on them to recognize Palestinians' right to establish a free and independent state. 

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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