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Egypt sees second highest tourist influx since 2010 with 1.5 million tourists in October

Egyptian Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Ahmed Issa announced that the number of tourists arriving to Egypt in October increased eight percent compared to last year.

He said that 1,450 million tourists visited Egypt this October, the second highest monthly tourist influx to Egypt since 2010.

“During the first three weeks of this November, inbound tourism to the country increased by between five to 10 percent on an annual basis,” he added.

Issa explained that the increase was less than expected, as a result of events taking place in the region.

The Minister of Tourism indicated that Egypt as a tourist destination will not be dramatically impacted by the current Israel-Hamas war in Gaza.

However, the Gaza war has resulted in some postponement – but not cancellations – of reservations, he said, for December 2023 to February 2024.

The most impacted tourist products are religious tourism trips, which represent less than six percent of the total incoming tourism movement, he explained, as these trips are organized between Egypt, Jordan, and Israel.

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