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Egypt scores higher than neighbors in security index: Analytics company

Egypt’s safety index has now reached 86 out of 100, according to a sentiment analysis conducted by the Spanish travel analytics company Mabrian Technologies on the tourism industry in countries of the region.

This index reflects how foreign visitors to the country describe their experiences on social media. A score of 100 means there are no safety complaints in online posts about the destination.

Egypt’s index improved from 68.9 in mid-December 2023, even despite Israel’s ongoing assault on Gaza, although it is still below the pre-war level of 92.4 in September 2023.

Egypt outperforms its regional competitors in this regard – tourist safety perceptions were lower in Turkey (84), Jordan (83.6) and Qatar (81.6) for the same period in February 2024, according to data from Mabrian Technologies.

Egypt has spent 22 percent of its gross domestic product over the past seven years on infrastructure, according to the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, and special attention is being paid to increasing the number of luxury hotel rooms to accommodate wealthy visitors.

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