Egypt says La Palma is of no impact on its people

The Egyptian Cabinet denied reports that toxic gases and emissions had arrived in Egypt from the La Palma volcano in Spain.

The cabinet said in a statement on its official Facebook page: “News spread on some websites and social media pages regarding the impact on Egypt from the toxic gases and emissions of La Palma volcano.”

“The Media Center of the cabinet contacted the Ministry of Environment, which denied the news.”

The Egyptian Environment Ministry said that Egypt will not be affected by any gases or emissions from La Palma volcano, due to its geographical distance.

It explained that gases spread in the upper layers of the atmosphere, which makes it difficult to reach the Egyptian atmosphere.

“No environmental pollutants or emissions have been detected for this volcano that have a direct impact on public health or facilities,” it assured.

“We also confirm that its consequences will not reach Egypt, and if it does, it will be in the upper layers in very weak proportions that will not be felt by man or affect him in any way.”

A researcher at the National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics (NRIAG) Sayed Mokhaimar said in televised statements that car exhausts in Egypt are more dangerous than the volcano.

The La Palma volcano in Spain began erupting in September, forcing over 7,500 people to flee.

Scientists say the eruption could last up to three months.

Molten rock covered more than 866 hectares and crushed or damaged some 2,185 buildings, on the island whose economy is mainly based on tourism and agriculture.


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