Egypt, Saudi armed forces continue ‘Tabuk-5’ military training

The Egyptian and Saudi armed forces continued the joint military training “Tabuk-5”, which is being implemented over several days in Saudi Arabia.

Units of the special forces of both sides, in addition to infantry and armored personnel and support elements of various specialized divisions are taking part in the training.

The past days witnessed preliminary stages of training, which included activities and many theoretical lectures, to unify training concepts, coordinate efforts, achieve integration and acquaintance between the participating forces on both sides.

The forces continued training on reconnaissance and occupation of defensive areas, repelling and destroying the enemy by using miles shooting systems.

The special forces of both countries also carried out intensive training activities that include the implementation of a number of typical and atypical shootings.

The trainings also consist of storming and evacuating actions, carrying out ambushes and raids on hostile targets, which focused on the professional training of the elements of the special forces of both countries.

While the parachute forces carried out training on preparing personnel and dealing with emergency situations they were also exposed to skydiving from high altitudes.

They implemented a number of joint jumps that showed the extent of the flexibility and high skill of the participating elements.

In order to confront the fifth generation wars, many theoretical lectures were held, including a lecture on cyber security, to address the best methods to detect threats and e-attacks.

“Tabuk-5″ aims to achieve the maximum possible benefit for the elements involved in planning, management and implementation, as well as supporting joint cooperation between the Egyptian and Saudi armed forces.

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