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Egypt denies Israel writing off its debts in exchange for Sinai displacement

Egyptian politicians and observers have confirmed that the new plan being studied by Tel Aviv to convince Egypt to accept the residents of Gaza and settle them in its territory in exchange for writing off all of Egypt’s debts will not be implemented, and that the displacement of Palestinians will not happen, according to the RT Arabic website.


Sisi shuts down the idea once and for all

The deputy head of the Committee on Foreign, Arab, and African Affairs in the Senate, Sama Suleiman stated: “The displacement scenario ended forever with the confirmation of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of his rejection of it in more than one occasion, the first during the graduation of the military academy class, and during his meeting with the National Security Council, which meets when there is a direct threat to our national security and a decision must be made. ”

She added, “Therefore, Sisi stressed the rejection of the liquidation of the Palestinian issue at the expense of neighboring countries. Then, for the first time, the Egyptian president confirmed the categorical rejection in front of the television screens during his meeting with the US Secretary of State, the German Chancellor, the British Prime Minister, and the French President.”

“There is also popular rejection of the displacement scenario, represented in the emergency sessions prepared by the Senate and House of Representatives and the millions of demonstrations in all governorates of the republic to reject this situation and delegate Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to take what he deems appropriate to resolve the Palestinian issue in a way that does not affect our national security.”

Suleiman noted that his announcement to the international community at the Cairo Peace Conference of his rejection of displacement was supported by many of the Arab countries present as well as by Western countries and international organizations, who stressed that the only political solution to the Palestinian issue must be one based on the two-state solution on the borders of June 4, 1967, and its capital, East Jerusalem.

“Sisi succeeded in forming an international public opinion against the displacement scenario, which means that the myth of the century deal has fallen forever for Egypt, leadership and people,” she concluded.


“Forget it!”

Egyptian researcher Ahmed Refaat said: “This repeated discussion about deporting Palestinians from Gaza to Sinai through several Zionist and Western newspapers and media outlets reflects the existence of very low levels of intelligence and a lack of understanding, and confirms the existence of a great void in the lives of these people – as the popular Egyptian saying goes, ‘You show them a bull and they say milk it!’ “

“Therefore, we repeat and repeat, as journalists, we respond to Western journalists specifically – forget it! What you say will never happen. When President Sisi says that the displacement of Palestinians will not happen, he means it. Then he resumed his speech and said ‘In any case, it will not happen at the expense of Egypt’. He was then, before and after expressing the position of the entire Egyptian people,” he said.

“What the Egyptian president said were two pledges, not one. They are ‘the liquidation of the issue will not happen and it will not happen at the expense of Egypt.’ ”

Refaat noted that all the tricks the enemy’s media utilizes, through media or political means to sway residents on the other side, test Egypt, or as psychological warfare, have constantly been exposed and will always fail.


Sinai’s importance

The vice president of the Conference Party, Reda Farahat, said that Sinai has a special place in the hearts of the Egyptian people, and that the state is eager to develop it according to the president’s directives.

Farahat added that Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly reviewing several projects during his recent visit to Sinai, including those already implemented and being planned, showcases the Egyptian state’s real desire in transforming Sinai from a hotbed of terrorism into a haven of development.

This was done through a multi-dimensional strategy aimed at achieving sustainable development in Sinai and providing basic services to citizens such as education, health care, and social services, he said, alongside implementing multiple development projects in the region to improve living conditions and provide job opportunities.

Farahat explained that Egypt seeks to development Sinai and not use it as part of displacement efforts or to change the region’s demographic balance.

The Egyptian state is focusing its efforts on promoting the prosperity of Sinai through investment in infrastructure, public services, and economic opportunities, while preserving the cultural and social identity of the region and the rights of its residents, he added, Egyptian state will continue to develop Sinai, and will not and will never relinquish a single inch of it.

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