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Egypt reportedly mulls withdrawing ambassador from Israel

The Wall Street Journal reported reported on Saturday that Cairo has seriously considered withdrawing its ambassador from Tel Aviv, and that the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi rejected several attempts by Isareli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to talk to him.

It quoted Egyptian officials as saying that Cairo has also warned Israel against any attacks on the Philadelphia Corridor and the displacement of Palestinians.

It added that Egyptian leaders are eager to show their full support for the Palestinian cause and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

Egyptian-Israeli relations are at their lowest levels in two decades, the Wall Street Journal noted.

The Gaza war has imposed a reckoning on the sensitive Egyptian-Israeli relations, it said, explaining that Egypt was the first Arab country to recognize Israel in 1979.

An Egyptian researcher in national security affairs, Ahmed Refaat, commented back in December on the sharp escalation in tensions between Egypt and Israel following bombings at the Salah al-Din Corridor (also known as the Philadelphia Corridor) between the Gaza Strip and Egypt.

Refaat said, in statements to RT: “The Israeli enemy insists on escalating matters and bringing them to the greatest possible degree of confusion, but Egypt has set the last limits for the enemy to understand what is possible and what is impossible.”

Egypt has informed Israel of its reservations against the backdrop of the Israeli Air Force carrying out several strikes near the Salah al-Din Corridor separating Egypt and the Gaza Strip.

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