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Egypt refuses to send Arab or joint forces to Gaza: High-ranking source

A high-ranking Egyptian source announced that Cairo refuses to send any Arab forces or joint forces to the Gaza Strip, stressing that Egypt firmly “Believes that the Palestinians are the ones who decide the future of the Strip”.

Sky News Arabia quoted the source Saturday as saying that “Sending Arab or joint forces to Gaza is unacceptable.”

“What is proposed by Egypt is the return of the Palestinian Authority to Gaza Strip and support it in a way that helps it carry out its tasks,” the source explained.

The factions of the Palestinian Resistance Alliance on Saturday announced their rejection of Israel’s proposal to send Arab forces to administer the Gaza Strip.

In a statement shared by the Hamas movement, the factions warned “Of the danger of agreeing with these proposals, because they constitute a new Zionist trap and deception, to drag some Arab countries into serving their plans and project after their great failure in the field.”

“(These proposals) seek, with the US, to try to circumvent the terrible defeat they suffered by seeking help from several Arab countries and some of their tools in the region to extricate the occupation army from the great quagmire it fell into in the Gaza Strip,” the statement said.

The statement added: “The great Palestinian people, who recorded rare heroism in the battle of Al-Aqsa Flood and the legendary popular steadfastness in the face of massacres and the war of extermination launched by the Zionist enemy against Gaza Strip, are able to choose their leaders and institutions to manage the Gaza Strip and preserve its national sovereignty.”

The statement went on to decry “All Israeli-American attempts and their tools in the region that are trying to undermine the will of our great people and the independence of their decision-making and sovereignty.”

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