Egypt ranks second on list of most Facebook-addicted countries: Socialbakers

With Facebook crossing the one billion user-line, Socialbakers has released the results of statistics showing the most Facebook-addicted countries on Facebook. Egypt came in second on the list.
While the US is one of the most populous countries with a high percentage of its people connected to the internet and having the greatest number of registered Facebook pages, other countries like Brazil and Egypt topped the list of the highest activity on the social networking website.
According to the Sociabakers, their findings were based on the number of posts published in each country. Brazil which topped the list publishes a total of almost 86 thousand posts per month, with an average of 103 posts for every registered Facebook page every month.
While Egypt has six times fewer pages registered on Facebook than Brazil and eight times fewer than the US (which came third on the list), pages in Egypt publish an average of 380 posts per month for every registered page.

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