Egypt to pump full gas supplies to Jordan by mid-December

Egypt will pump the full amount of natural gas to Jordan as specified in a previous agreement by mid-December, according to Egypt’s petroleum minister.

On Sunday, Petroleum Minister Osama Kamal said now that demand for gas from Egypt’s electricity sector has declined, the government will be able to resume pumping to Jordan in full. The kingdom is currently experiencing mass upheavals following a government decision to cancel petroleum subsidies.

Egypt currently pumps only 70 million cubic feet of gas per day to Jordan, less than a third of the 240 million cubic feet per day specified in a 2004 agreement. Kamal explained that Egypt had to reduce its flow to Jordan as it prioritizes gas distribution to its local market.

The supply between Egypt and Jordan has been interrupted 15 times since 5 February 2011, as Sinai militants have repeatedly attacked the pipeline. The constant disruption forced Jordan to turn to diesel to meet its energy needs.

Egypt produces six billion cubic feet of natural gas a day, of which 55 percent goes to the electricity sector, 20 percent is exported, 13 percent goes to industries and less than 3 percent goes to households.

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