Egypt: Proposed solution for Iranian nuclear stalemate

Egypt has submitted a proposal for the solution of the problem of the Iranian nuclear program, putting forward the regionalization of the Iranian nuclear fuel cycle and its use for peaceful purposes.

The proposal, submitted by Egyptian ambassador Mohamed Shaker at the International Conference for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Nuclear Security, which concluded on Thursday in Cairo, is based on the participation of other countries in the region in shared control of the facilities, so that Iran does not become the sole controller of its nuclear fuel.

Shaker suggested this as an alternative to imposing greater sanctions on Iran, or forcing Iran to close its nuclear facilities entirely, as the West is demanding.

He explained that all facilities which would serve the entire region would be maintained for peaceful purposes, and consequently the Iranian nuclear facilities would be under the scrutiny of other nations in the region, as well as under effective international scrutiny thought the International Agency for Atomic Energy.

Shaker, president of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs, said that the concept of regionalizing the nuclear fuel cycle is based on the idea that partners will monitor each others' nuclear activities, meaning that Iran will also be monitoring nuclear facilities in other countries in the region.

He added that during the conference he stood up for the importance of an Arab nuclear fuel cycle ensuring peaceful cooperation in the area of nuclear energy, developing the nuclear capabilities of the region and building technical and scientific expertise in the field. He highlighted the necessity of diversifying Arab sources of energy, including nuclear energy for peaceful purposes in order to end reliance on energy sources from the West.
Shaker said that the presence of this nuclear fuel cycle could either pave the way to rid the Middle East of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction, or come in the phase after the region has already been cleared of such weapons.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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