Egypt Post employees continue strike despite agreement to some demands

The Independent Syndicate of Egypt Post Employees has announced that postal workers are continuing their strike in several governorates, despite Chairman Tarek al-Saadany agreeing to some of their demands.

Saadany has agreed to provide temporary workers with permanent contracts, increase bonuses and incentives, and provide better medical insurance.

Some branches, however, agreed to disburse pensions after the military council threatened to enforce a new law banning strikes.

“The bonuses are not enough, as they are a percentage of the basic salaries, which are already too low,” said Syndicate President Osama Abdel Latif.

He said the employees have five demands: the immediate dismissal of all highly-paid consultants; the increase of performance-related incentives by 200 percent as of next month, along with rewards by 150 percent and periodical bonuses by 70 percent; and the publishing of the annual budget in government newspapers.

The employees do not believe Saadany’s claim that he has dismissed 100 consultants out of 169.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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