Egypt mother secretly disposes infant’s dead body, is arrested


Security authorities in Cairo have arrested a woman on Thursday, on the suspicion of killing her two-year-old baby, after he was found dead, wrapped in a blanket inside a car cabin, in front of a Matariya hospital.

The suspect, named Badreya, said during interrogations that she works as a street cleaner and beggar, who spent her day in the street, along with her baby.

She claimed that her baby suffered from illness and died, and she therefore needed to get rid of him for fear of getting arrested with the dead body.

A passerby found the dead infant and reported the incident to the police. No traces of torture or injuries were found on the body, according to investigations.

The police examined surveillance cameras and investigated the incident.

Badreya’s child allegedly suffered from illness, after she left him on the sidewalk and he swallowed garbage.

As she was “afraid” of taking him to the hospital, she left him in the hopes that he might heal on his own – but his condition deteriorated.

Then, Badreya continued, she decided to take him to Matareya Teaching Hospital, but he died before she could enter. She threw her infant away, for fear of being imprisoned for negligence leading to his death.

Although the child was not officially registered with the government, she claims he was named Mohamed.

Witness Sayyed S., another cleaner, said he accompanied the suspect to hospital to examine her child. He denied knowing of the infant’s disposal after death.


Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm.

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