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Egypt launches awareness campaign about the benefits of a strong immune system

Egypt on Monday launched a nation-wide awareness campaign called “Mana’atak Hemayatak” (Your Immune System Protects You), whose goal is to provide people with information on methods of strengthening the immune system to help prevent coronavirus infection.

The campaign will use social media to publish extensive educational materials — provided by several physicians and experts — on how to deal with the coronavirus crisis.

Vice Chairperson of the campaign’s steering committee Jihan al-Assal said that the immune system is the first line of defense against coronavirus.

Assal said that it is possible to strengthen the immune system using natural means such as sun exposure, sports activities, sleeping well, and by eating vegetables, fruits, and taking supplements such as zinc and vitamins C, B, and D.

She also pointed out that vitamin D doses are being used as part of the treatment of coronavirus patients.

She added that Egypt’s coronavirus treatment protocol only consists of locally manufactured drugs, and asserted that the country should produce large amounts of medicine and medical supplies to combat coronavirus.

The donation of medical supplies by pharmaceutical companies, Assal said, is a model of social responsibility to improve the immune systems of coronavirus patients and medical staff at quarantine hospitals.

Head of the Allergy and Immunology Department at Egyptian pharmeceutical company VACSERA‏ Amgad al-Hadad asserted that preventive treatment of coronavirus relies on first strengthening the immune system to avoid infection.

Marketing Director of an Egyptian pharmaceutical company Ibram Wageh pointed out that the company has sent out 250,000 shipments of a supplement called Carnivita Forte, which contains zinc and carnitine, both of which strengthen the immune system and prevent the premature death of the body’s cells.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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