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Egypt, KSA, UAE and Bahrain declare list of terrorist figures, institutions based in Qatar

Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE issued on Thursday a joint statement in which they declared a list of terrorist figures and institutions that currently represent a danger to their national security and are based in the Arab Gulf state of Qatar.

The statement came in the wake of a recent diplomatic boycott from the aforementioned countries against Qatar, as these countries believe the gulf nation is sponsoring terrorism and providing it withe all kinds of support.

According to the joint statement issued by the four countries, there are 59 terrorist figures and 12 institutions based in Qatar and receive support from the Qatari government; the number of these institutions and figures is believed to have recently witnessed an increase.

Of the 59 terrorist figures, there are many Egyptians who currently live in Qatar; they are persons who have been sentenced by judicial verdicts in absentia or are still wanted by the Egyptian government, as they face trial over charges related to terrorism.

At the top of those wanted Egyptian figures, the prominent Islamic preacher Youssef Al-Qaradawai who is facing the death sentence in Egypt over charges related to inciting terrorism.

In second place is the Egyptian preacher who is believed to be affiliated member to the outlawed group of Muslim Brotherhood Wagdi Goneim who is also facing a death sentence over charges related to supporting terrorism.

“This step came as part of the four countries [Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE]’s commitment to combat terrorism and the extremist ideologies , the Qatari housing to these figures and institution is considered a violation to its international commitment to combat terrorism , this measure made these countries’ national security subordinate to permanent terrorist threats ” the statement read.

The presence of these figures is considered clear sign that Qatar’s policy is based on supporting terrorism and its duplicity as it claims combating terrorism while provide allĀ  types of support to it, the statement concluded.


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