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Egypt keen on providing expats with investment opportunities at home: Gendy

Emigration Minister Soha Gendy said on Friday at gatherings abroad to encourage business back home that Egypt is keen on providing expats with investment opportunities and promoting its capabilities.

The Ministry of Emigration launched a campaign titled “Egyptian Investors Abroad Answer: Why should we invest in Egypt?”, to clarify the importance of promoting the role of the Egyptian state and efforts to stimulate investment in Egypt within the strategy adopted by the Ministry of Immigration for investors to communicate with investors abroad.

Soha Gendy confirmed that the Ministry seeks, through this campaign, to highlight the most prominent features of the Egyptian market and the opportunities available for investment in various fields and places in light of the development process witnessed by Egypt.

In addition, the Ministry provides a map for industrial investment. Egypt is working to create an investment climate, so it provides all advantages to investors, including the golden license that was launched, and providing an industrial investment map that shows all available fields.

The license grants all facilities for launching projects in Egypt, whether by providing feasibility studies or facilitating the launch of companies, etc.

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