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Egypt issues warning over scams involving expat car import initiative

The Ministry for Immigration and Egyptian Expats Affairs on Saturday issued a warning to Egyptian expatriates wishing to register in the expat car import initiative over cases of fraud exploiting the initiative.

The Ministry explained that some scammers are claiming to accelerate obtaining approvals, transfer of deposit, the pace of procedures and clearing the required papers in exchange for a sum of money.

The cost and amounts required from Egyptians abroad are determined through the initiative’s application, and are equivalent to the value of the deposit refunded after five years.

The ministry added that no other amounts are required from the beneficiaries of the initiative, and warned all expatriates to take care not to become victims of fraud.

It affirmed its readiness to receive any complaints, inquiries, and challenges facing Egyptians abroad, such as delays in import approvals and others related to the initiative, through its social media and communication groups for the initiative which operate around the clock.

The Finance Ministry also allocates an international hotline to communicate and respond to all inquiries from the initiative’s beneficiaries via the number 15460.

This is in addition to the permanent committee at the ports also working around the clock, including official holidays, to speed up customs release procedures.

Questions from beneficiaries from Egyptians abroad are also received through a mobile number and WhatsApp on 01142335222.

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