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Egypt is the world’s first country to eliminate Hepatitis C, Health Ministry claims

Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population confirmed that Egypt is the first country globally to announce that it has gotten rid of Hepatitis C, thanks to the efforts of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s initiative.

The“100 Million Healthy Lives” was a huge initiative for the early detection of Hepatitis C and non-communicable diseases.

The Ministry said that Egypt received international acclaim from the World Health Organization (WHO) and all concerned organizations, noting that the initiative provided all its services free of charge to citizens.

The Ministry added that the initiative provided 90 million medical and treatment services to citizens throughout the period of its application, and that it provided treatment free of charge, in accordance with the latest international treatment protocols.

The 100 Million Healthy Lives campaign targeted 62,505,564 Egyptians over the age of 18.

Although participation was voluntary, the volume of participation was very large – 49,630,319 people participated, and it was one of the largest disease detection campaigns in history.

The number of male participants reached 24,018,428, at a rate of approximately 74.57 percent of the target group.

The number of female participants reached 25,611,891, with a participation rate of 84.53 percent of the total target.

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