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Egypt is exposed to aerial threat, claims Israeli army

The Israeli army announced that an aerial threat was recently detected in the Red Sea area, with fighter jets called to deal with it.

The Israeli army indicated that the matter remains under investigation, and added, “To our understanding, the strike that took place in Egypt originated in this threat.”

The statement pointed out that Israel, along with Egypt and the US, are working to strengthen protection in the region against threats from the Red Sea region.

The military spokesperson for the Egyptian Armed Forces announced that an unidentified drone fell Friday morning near one of the buildings next to the Taba Hospital.

The accident resulted in minor injuries to six individuals, who were discharged from the hospital after receiving the necessary medical attention, he explained.

He explained that the incident is under investigation by a specialized committee from the relevant authorities.

An informed source told the Al Qahera News Channel that a projectile has fallen near the Nuweiba power station on Friday morning.

Two Egyptian security sources told Reuters on Friday that a projectile fell on the city of Nuweiba on the Red Sea, and that authorities were still collecting more information about the incident, the channel added.

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