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Egypt introduces amendments to real estate registration law

Gamal Yaqout head of the Real Estate Registration Authority, said that 52 meetings were held more than a year ago to amend the real estate registration law, and the citizen’s right to register housing units was consolidated.
During a telephone interview with Sada al-Balad satellite channel, on Tuesday, Yaqout added that the law was approved on Tuesday by the Minister of Justice with 16 forms.
Yaqout stressed that the law has been amended to suit the modern era.
This means that the number of documents required to register real estate does not include more than 3 or 4 documents in the new amendment instead of what was required in the past which were more than 10 documents.
Yaqout pointed out that a maximum period for registering housing units has been set at a maximum of 37 days, adding that the citizen will only go to the real estate registry twice, and registration takes place in one stage.
He added that the fees have not been changed from what they were in the old law, to be a maximum of LE 2,000, but administrative expenses have been added, bringing the total to a maximum of LE 3,900, expenses and fees for registering real estate units.
Yaqout concluded that real estate registration procedures are optional, not mandatory, and do not include penalties for non-registration.

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