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Egypt increases fee of issuing Egyptian passport

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Thursday ratified Law #16 of 2024 amending some provisions of Law #97 of 1959 regarding passports, which was approved by the House of Representatives.

The amendments to the passports law included an increase in the maximum fee stipulated in Article Eight to become no more than LE1,000 instead of LE250.

The law comes in compliance with international agreements that determined the methods of securing travel documents to ensure that they are not used for illegal purposes, which necessitates periodic amendments to the security marks.

The House of Representatives previously approved the draft law to amend some provisions of Law #97 of 1959 on passports, especially after the emergence of economic conditions that require an increase in its issuance fees, due to an increase in the prices of materials used to manufacture passports which are imported from outside the country.

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