Egypt imposes travel bans on 43 ministers

National security authorities have issued a list of 43 former and current ministers who should be denied exit from the country without prior permits, official sources at Cairo International Airport revealed.

The sources added that the list includes Mufid Shehab, minister of state for legal and parliamentary affairs; Anas al-Fiqqi, minister of information; Ahmed Aboul Gheit, the minister of foreign affairs; Mamdouh Marei, minister of justice; Abdel Salam al-Mahgoub, minister of local development; Hatem al-Gabaly, minister of health; and Mohamed Nasr Eddin Allam, minister of water resources and irrigation.

The sources disclosed that the airport was notified to expect al-Fiqqi in the VIP lounge, on his way to London. They said the minister's luggage arrived but was sent back home when he failed to show up.

Judicial sources, meanwhile, stressed that another list of officials and ministers, including Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif and former Prime Minister Atef Ebeid, has been sent to the general prosecutor's office.

Local banks received official letters from the Central Bank of Egypt ordering that the assets of a number of officials and businessmen be frozen until investigations have been conducted by various authorities.

On Saturday, Attorney General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud banned three businessmen from travel abroad due to their involvement in cases under investigation by the Public Funds Prosecution.

Mahmoud's office received requests on Saturday for the interrogation of Mubarak’s family, and the freezing of his bank accounts.

In statements given exclusively to Al-Masry Al-Youm, a number of bank directors said that the days prior to Mubarak’s resignation witnessed a number of businessmen transferring their bank accounts abroad. They said that the value of the businessmen's assets abroad dwarf the value of their accounts at Egyptian banks.

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